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Metal, as the foundation of industrial development, is applied in almost all industrial fields. According to the usage, the metal plays its role with various combinations.However, as if the living things are variable, the metal is a very delicate material.
Therefore, in order to make metal owing such characteristics maintain the beautiful appearance and excellent performance…
Chemicoat, since founded in 1957, has been fully dedicating to improve rust-proof ability of surface treatment agent and to research water-saving surface treatment device.Our basic technologies consist of the following three points:

1. Technology of controlling chemical characteristic of metal material
2. Technology of engineering to optimal reaction
3. Technology of saving source, saving energy and pollution-free

Combining these three technologies, we provide efficient and economical metal surface treatment agent and device for the customers.
"Chemical foundation technology"It is an important technology all metal products base on.As an expert, it will make a great contribute to technological development in a new era.


Where the metal exists, it could be said, is the place in which Chemicoat’s business is active.
The range of market is wide, not only cars, bicycles, motorcycles and various other vehicles, but also refrigerators, washing machines, lighting and other home appliances, as well as medical bed, OA apparatus, desk and steel cabinets in the office, even various equipment of factory and road signs.
In this broad market, Chemicoat earns trusts of customers with the agent and technology.