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About Us

Message from President

April 2007, Chemicoat Co., Ltd. celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Since founded in 1957, Chemicoat has been consistently striving on the product
sales and technical development of surface treatment.

Surface treatment, as a few people know, is generally a unfamiliar industrial field.
However, the surface treatment plays an important role in the field of
metal rust proof and maintaining aesthetic appearance.

For the reason of working on this field, our employees are very serious,
industrious and determined. They concentrate their attention on research
so as to achieve finest results step by step. Therefore,
”Chemicoat is the only choice!” said lots of our customers.

Base on the mentioned above, according to customers’ requirement,
Chemicoat continuously improves and develops products as well as
related products from derived technology.

Besides surface treatment agents, Chemicoat also provides surface treatment
equipment as well as various products such as paint detackifier,
electrolyzed water, dental agents and so on.

From now on, to meet customers’ demand, the staff is united to improve and
develop products, which contribute to society at the same time.

That is our value of being existent.

In recent years, it has been a trend to pursue economic interest as a priority,
ignoring humanity. But in Chemicoat, employees are irreplaceable fortune of
company. Based on the belief, to work for company, which is to be said to work
for society,is eventually to work for themselves. Therefore employees will work
hard for company.

Chemicoat Co., Ltd.
President Nakagawa


  • Name
  •  Chemicoat Co., Ltd.

  • Address
    • Headquarters

    • 〒279-0002
      No.4-15-10, Kitasakae, Urayasu-city, Chiba, Japan map
      TEL +81-047-381-7721(repressntative)
      FAX +81-047-381-7720
    • Plant Togane

    • 〒283-0826
      No.1-14, Okayamadai, Togane-city, Chiba, Japan map
      Production Department:
       TEL +81-0475-86-6511
       FAX +81-0475-50-7788
       TEL +81-0475-86-6512
       FAX +81-0475-50-7800
      Plant Togane
    • Kyushu Office

    • 〒800-0257
      Agurido Anbeyama 505, No.5-8-28, Yugawa, Kokuraminami, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka, Japan map
      TEL +81-093-932-4801
      FAX +81-093-932-4802
    • Tokai Office

    • 〒441-0152
      Nishiao 81-1, Maeshibacho, Toyohashi-city, Aichi, Japan map
      TEL 0532-32-3666
      FAX 0532-31-1192
    • PT.Chemicoat Artoda Indonesia(PT.CAI)※Affiliated company
    • Kode pos 17550
      Jl.Gaharu Block F5 No.10A Delta SiliconII Lippo Cikarang map
      TEL +62-21-2210-4875
      PT.Chemicoat Artoda Indonesia(PT.CAI)
    • CHEMICOAT VIETNAM CO.,LTD※Subsidiary company
    • No.17 Pho Hue,Hang Bai,Hoan Kiem,Hanoi,Vietnammap
      TEL +84-702-018-028

  • Founded
  • April 22nd, 1957

  • Capital
  • 96 million Yen

  • Employees
  • 62 people

  • Business
  • Production and sales of Chemical industry agents
    Phosphate chemical coating agent and management and construction of equipment about painting
    Production and sales of strong alkaline and acidic ionized water and their generators
    Sale of various types of boilers, installation and repair

  • Banks
  • Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Kyobashi branch
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kyobashi branch

  • Officer
  • President Kanji Nakagawa
    Director Masami Hasegawa
    Director Yukimoto Nakagawa
    Auditor Hiroyuki Takamori

History of Company

  • Apr.1957
  • Hiroshi Isaka and Akira Isaka founded Wakou Chemical Co., Ltd. with 300 thousand Yen

  • Apr.1961
  • Headquarters moved to Shibuya Dogenzaka and technically cooperated with Lasa Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Nov.1967
  • Capital increased to 20 million Yen

  • Mar.1972
  • Renamed to Chemicoat Co., Ltd.

  • May.
  • Plant was built in Urayasu-city, Chiba

  • Jun.
  • Capital increased to 40 million Yen

  • Oct.
  • Merged with Kazu Akira Chemicals Co., Ltd.

  • Nov.1976
  • Capital increased to 80 million Yen

  • Jan.1987
  • Headquarters moved to Kyobashi in central district

  • Feb.1990
  • Capital increased to 96 million Yen

  • Dec.
  • Research establishment was built in Urayasu, Chiba

  • Jul.1994
  • Headquarters moved to Ginza in central district

  • Nov.
  • Got the patent of water-saving surface treatment

  • Feb.1997
  • Headquarters moved to Urayasu-city, Chiba

  • Apr.
  • The sales of alkaline water began

  • May 1999
  • Commended as excellent corporation by Itikawa tax office

  • Nov.
  • Got ISO14001 Environmental certification

  • Feb.2001
  • Won Chiba Promising Award

  • Oct.2006
  • Got 2006 the first prize of IT management business

  • Mar.2007
  • New plant was built in Togane, Chiba

  • Apr
  • 50th anniversary

  • Sep
  • Kyusyu office opened

  • Dec.
  • Got the Society of Pure and Applied Coordination Chemistry (Japan) Technology Award

  • Mar.2010
  • Won Urayasu Excellent Company Award

  • Sep.2011
  • ISO-9001 Quality certification got by Headquarter and factory in Togane

  • Dec.2012
  • Received the Chiba Small and Medium Enterprises Award

  • Jul.2013
  • Began the operation of Solar Power Generation System of Plant Togane

  • Feb.2014
  • Agreed to establish a joint venture in Indonesia

  • Apr.
  • Established a joint venture in Indonesia

  • Dec.
  • Complimented again on superior declaration corporation of tax by the Ichikawa Tax Office

  • Nov.2015
  • be admitted to a support member of Aluminum Alloy Baking Enamel Coaters Association(ABA)

  • Feb.2021
  • Established subsidiary company in Vietnam