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Activity on ISO

We are certified ISO9001 and ISO14001.We Chemicoat recognizes that the effort of environmental protection is important progress. And We Chemicoat make the effort of improving quality about our products and services.


quality and environmental integrated basic policy

In order to achieve the management vision, we will prepare and implement targets and implementation plans for the following matters and continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.

Improve customer satisfaction

We always make every possible effort to ensure and improve the highest quality and we will provide products and various facilities that are trusted by our customers.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Through we comply with quality and environmental laws and regulations applicable to our company, we will prevent pollutions.And we will strive to reduce environmental load of society through business activities.

Continuous improvement of environmental performance

Through we work on the following themes, we will put our efforts into pollution prevention and environmental protection.

We will promote the development and sale of environmentally-hazardous products with sufficient consideration for the environment.
We will expand sales of water-saving surface treatment equipment and environment improvement equipment.
We will focus on managing "hazardous materials" and "poisonous and deleterious substances", we will strive to prevent internal and external pollution and protect the environment.
We will strive to prevent pollution so that raw materials, products, wastewater, etc. do not have asignificant influence on the environment in case of abnormality or emergency.
We will thoroughly manage sludge, waste plastic and waste.

Enriching human resources

We will strive to improve the technical skills and skills of all our employees and promote paticipation in management.

July 20th, 2021

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