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Plant Business

1.Evaporated concentration device

In a typical painting line, the poisonous substance of wastewater from line is decreased below effluent standard by chemical treatment. With Chemicoat’s device, the poisonous substance is concentrated by wastewater evaporation, only moisture drained to outdoor. Poisonous substance in moisture is much less than wastewater before evaporation. The advantages of Chemicoat’s device:

  1. Smaller scale than usual wastewater treatment device.
  2. Waste heat from baking furnace and draining furnace is recycled so as to reduce the fuel cost.

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2.Radiator tubular dryer system

【Pat.】Direct deodorization furnace

In a typical painting process, the stink, generated by baking of painting and thinner, is not allowed to directly discharge into atmosphere. Moreover, the substance generating stink is easy to ignite. If it is not removed as soon as possible and attached to the wall of furnace, there might be a fire. That’s why "Radiator tubular dryer system" was born.Advantages of this system:

  1. Inside temperature is homogenous because the furnace is heated by radiator tube.And without forced circulation, waste will not be attached to the work.
  2. Deodorizing equipment shares the same radiator tube of furnace, efficiently and economically.
  3. Afterheat of baking furnace is utilized by drain furnace and evaporation device; therefore, it is possible to significantly reduce heater.

From surface treatment to painting, coordinated and efficient line is established with interactions of these advantages.

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3. Liquid auto-control device

With Chemicoat’s liquid auto-control device, the surface treatment liquid is regulated automatically instead of men.With this device, working liquid is stably regulated so that maintenance of products and increase of interest are realized.In addition, working liquid is automatically supplied, and data is preserved every 30 minutes.Especially for titration terminal point, with conventional method, error is always caused by workers’ skill. By contrast, with this device, precise measurements can be obtained because the data is recorded in terms of voltage change. It is worth mentioning that the operation is very easy.

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4. SAVER no drainage/water-saving surface treatment equipment

Two outstanding device - water-saving and closed type are designed and playing a significant role.(pat.)

  1. Water-saving type: significantly reduce the amount of washing water.
  2. Closed type: it need not to drain washing water out frequently.
In SAVER, "water-saving type" is achieved though replacement washing, "closed type" is achieved though evaporation system. SAVER designs of combining two advantages is patented.

It significantly reduces the amount of washing water and drainage, so as to reduce the cost and protect environment.

Comparison between each item of typical type and Saver

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