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Surface treatment agent

To satisfy customers' need, supplying various products and technology

Chemicoat, which aims at the stable supply of surface treatment agent and maintaining the best quality for the customers, develops the business in the area of pretreatment of painting, rust proof, welding, soldering, booth cleaner, painting and so on.

Reaction on the metal surface is thoroughly researched through the agent of chemical coating, metal cleaning, rust removal, degrease enhancer, surface adjustment and defoaming. With these technology and various products, we perfectly satisfy the need of customer.

In terms of application, our agents are classified into 10 categories and 23 series. We have been trying our best to provide high-quality agents.

Example of market application

example of market application

Example of target metal

  • iron
  • Zinc and its alloy
  • Aluminum and its alloy
  • Magnesium and its alloy
  • Copper and its alloy
  • Stainless steel

Information of surface treatment agents

Category Series Product Reference
Degreasing agent For iron Chemicoat 100 series  
For zinc Chemicoat 130 series  
For aluminum Chemicoat 150 series  
Emulsion type Chemicoat 125 series  
Degreasing enhancer Chemicoat 2000 series  
Surface adjustment agent   Chemicron S series  
  Chemicron K series  
Chemical coating agent Iron phosphate system Chemicoat FF series
Chemicoat 700 series
Compared with zinc phosphate system, it has lower corrosion resistance, however it has a relatively simple waster water treatment, produces less sludge and contains no heavy metal.
Zinc phosphate system Chemicoat 400 series
Chemicoat 500 series
Chemicoat 600C series
Chemicoat 5000 series
Compared with iron phosphate system, it performs better corrosion resistance.
Manganic phosphate system Chemicoat 600 series It performs superior abrasion resistance and electrical non-conductivity.
For aluminum Chemicoat 900 series Agents of mat finish treatment and scale remover are supplied. And considering environmental impact, there is also phosphate agent for aluminum containing no chromium.
For copper and stainless steel Chemicoat 800 series It is agent of mat finish treatment and washing for copper and stainless steel.
It has been used to process the materials in nuclear power because of reliable performance.
Rust removal agent   Chemicoat 300 series Rust and oxide layer on the surface of steel are promptly removed.
Rust proof agent   Chemicoat Chemicron series We offer two kinds of rust proof agent—water series and oil series. Water series is used for temporary corrosion prevention while oil series is used for long-term corrosion prevention.
Paint stripper agent   Chemicoat 200 series There are dichloromethane series, non-dichloromethane series and heat alkali series.
Defoaming agent   Chemicoat E series It is used for paint booth, wastewater treatment and surface treatment.