Deodorizer|Dedicating to surface science【Chemicoat Co.,Ltd.】

Surface treatment and Paint Detackifier|Dedicating to surface science【Chemicoat Co.,Ltd.】


Chemicoat No.SB series

Chemicoat No.SB series are liquid chemicals.They are used to reduce odor contained in the exhaust of painting processes such as a burnt smell and thinner odor.It is sprayed to it and adsorbs odorants.

Use cases in below
 Reduce thinner smell contained in exhaust of painting process
 Reduce a burnt smell contained in exhaust of paint baking process
 Reduce the smells included in exhaust of food processing plant
 (the smell of garlic,sweet unsavory odor,odor of flavor...)


There are three major features of Chemicoat No.SB series.

  1. Deodorize the odor of VOC
  2. Odorless deodorizer(No flavoring agent)
  3. High safety(mainly containing what derived from food additive agent)

Deodorizing effect against a specified offensive odor substance