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Paint Detackifier

Do you have any problems about paint booth?

With our products, any problems will be solved. For example…

  • Because viscosity of waste paint is not completely taken, the sludge has to be cleaned by trader.
  • Worrying about the influence of terrible smell from the paint booth.
  • Waste paint can’t be perfectly retrieved.

Chemicoat’s product will help you solve these problems!

The three characteristics of Chemicoat'spaint detackifier

  1. Viscosity removal of paint sludge
  2. Deodorization
  3. Dehydration

1.Viscosity removal of paint sludge

Paint detackifier


The pit water going rotten is the reason of stink in booth.
The reasons of stink are possibly that hydrogen sulfide is generated from sulfate in the water and thinner and paint sludge is deposed to produce stink (such as butyric acid) by microorganism.

An example of deodorization
One of the reasons of stink is the generation of hydrogen sulfide.
Following the red path in the right graph, the stink is generated.
If Chemicoat’s paint detackifier is added, following the green path, deodorization is realized.
Stink generation
H2S Left graph shows the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the circulating water.
It indicates the difference between before (the blue line) and after (the red line) the addition of paint detackifier.
Not only exact data, but also olfactory test
(the right graph) shows obvious effect of
Olfactory test
Bacterial Although there are little changes between
the different types of paint detackifiers,
they all have the effect of deodorization
due to degerming.


For automatic recovery, auxiliary agent is used to improve dehydration and noncohesive property when plenty of sticky paint is used or high dehydration is required. Our paint detackifier and auxiliary agent is used together.

Evaluation of dehydration 1 70% water content immediately after
filtering. 45% water content after 24 hours.
Performing better dehydration.
Evaluation of dehydration 2 For a longer time, No.WW-50 series keeps
the superiority of dehydration.